Impressions from WordCamp Nederland 2023

Impressions from WordCamp Nederland 2023

September is WordCamp Nederland month and I had the pleasure of attending the event that left a lasting impression on me. The event was not just another gathering but a testament to the power of community and shared knowledge.

A Tip of the Hat to the Organisers

First and foremost, I must commend the wonderful organisation of the event. Everything ran smoothly. It was evident that a lot of thought and effort went into its planning. A big shoutout and thanks to the team behind it! Your hard work did not go unnoticed. The Burgers Zoo as a venue is really great!

My Opportunity to Share

One of the highlights for me was the chance to give a talk. It’s always a privilege to share what I know and contribute to the growth of the community. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blogpost about the importance of community, sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to strengthen and expand it.

My talk revolved around automations, a topic I’m deeply passionate about. I believe that by automating certain aspects of our work, we can free up time for more creative and impactful tasks. I’m truly thankful for the chance to inspire fellow WordPress users and show them the potential of automation.

Connecting with the community was another significant aspect of this event for me. It’s always refreshing to meet like-minded individuals, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

For those interested, the slides from my talk are available here:

Capturing the Moments

For a visual glimpse into the event, check out the photos on Flickr by Roan de Vries. It captures the essence, the energy and the enthusiasm of the attendees and speakers.

Further Resources

  • For a detailed overview of my talk, visit this link.
  • Stay tuned for the link to WP TV, which will be available soon.

In conclusion, the event was a big success, and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Until then, let’s keep the spirit of community alive and continue to share, learn and grow together.

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