WordPress as a User

The Antwerp WordPress meetup group is one of the most active local groups and our great volunteers organise events on a very regular schedule. The dates for next year have been announced and I’m already looking forward to the last Tuesday of every odd month in 2023!2 different showcases were presented; Ben Rockefeller built his […]

Podcasts I listen to

Once you’ve discovered podcasts, it’s a rabbit hole, and you easily get a collection of a few dozen podcasts. I started with the Tech45 podcast and from there on, I started listening to other (mostly) tech podcasts. In this blogpost, I try to lay out where podcasts come from, how to get started and some […]

Death by a thousand browser tabs

There is a torture technique called “Lingchi“, also known as “Death by a thousand cuts”. The victim will die a slow and painful dead by the many cuts in all parts of the body. This is what happens when you keep all your browser tabs open to “read them later”. By having all these tabs […]

Why Notion

Within our family, as probably for all organizations, over time the list of tools and ways of communication cumulate. We used Google Drive, Trello, Todoist, shared calendars in Google Calendar, Signal/WhatsApp, whiteboard, post-it notes, … All information is spread all over the place, stored in multiple accounts and sometimes impossible to share. At a certain […]

Passwords made easy

We all have a bunch of passwords, logins, account, …, whether we want it or not. Most of the time, it’s used to secure access to your personal data or accounts. Passwords can also be used to encrypt data or secure communication between multiple parties. In reality, nobody likes passwords, because they are hard to […]

DIY Construction toys Table

Our eldest son became interested in LEGO. At first, you can keep everything contained in one box, but soon enough, it takes more time to build/play with it. This means we needed a solution to store projects in progress. If you combine this with a growing collection of sets and boxes, you see this is […]

Spend your time different in COVID-19 lockdown

COVID-19 sent a shockwave through the world and it had major impact on all our lives. On March 16th, the Corona Denktank (Corona Thinktank) published this tweet I don’t consider myself a maker, but there is some knowledge I can share, so joining another Slack Workspace to connect and collaborate. These seven days have been […]