Less Google

Everyone knows and uses one of Google’s many services. At the end of 2015, these services were brought together under the lesser-known name Alphabet. The image below gives you a good overview of services that all fall under the Alphabet name. I’m sure you will recognise and use many of them. All of these services […]

Facebook gave away your personal data

In the period from 2010 until 2017, Facebook had agreements with large (Tech) companies to share all users data. This gave them the ability to harvest personal data, without your consent. Facebook began partnerships for its own benefit. They did not sell data, but gave other companies access to user data. In return, the partner […]

Is mijn WhatsApp-communicatie echt beveiligd?

WhatsApp is een eenvoudige maar toch uitgebreide app die zowel op iPhones, Android en Windows phone gebruikt kan worden. Dit in combinatie met de end-to-end encryptie, maakt dat deze zeer populair is bij veel families, verenigingen en bedrijven. Ze laten hun interne communicatie via WhatsApp verlopen. Er wordt de indruk gewekt dat WhatsApp je veiligste […]